Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walking Wounded

I haven't had much to say about TKD lately. It's been going well and progressing fairly smoothly, and I suppose there just hasn't been anything so interesting that I felt like sharing. But, today was the first day of a pretty full weekend of TKD and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to share.

I've been having an ongoing issue with my left foot. Due to post-surger(ies) remodeling of my foot, being barefoot is generally not good for me. Consequently, due to being barefoot almost always for TKD, I've been experiencing quite a bit more pain (and swelling) than usual. I ice and elevate as much as I can when it's inflamed, but it's now seeming to be a perpetual kind of pain. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about it medically. My only option would be yet another surgery to remove the fat pad and scar tissue on the bottom of my foot. Which is only ever a temporary solution because, oh yeah, another surgery just means MORE scar tissue.... Plus I have no interest in being crutches. Nor do I even have medical insurance. So... basically I just have to deal with it the best I can, since I'm not willing to give up taekwon do.

Anyway, all that being said: tonight at sparring one of my partners accidentally stepped REALLY HARD on my left foot. He didn't mean to, and he could see instantly how much it hurt and felt really bad. I shrugged it off because I didn't want to make him feel any worse, but it was so painful to even put my weight on it. But, I'm testing tomorrow for my orange belt and NEEDED to finish sparring because I was being assessed on it. So my very next (though thankfully final) sparring match was against Mr Saxton. I pushed through the pain as best I could, but he knew I was in pain and I'm sure he could tell a difference from my usual sparring. All I can do is hope that I did well enough.

I iced my foot as soon as I got home and for as long as possible before going to work, and I'll ice it again in the morning. Between that and some medicine I'm hoping I'll be able to get through testing smoothly. I REALLY want my orange belt.  It's been an extra long while in coming.... And, my mom is testing for her advanced white belt!

Tomorrow evening is our school's annual Halloween party, which I'm excited about. I have an awesome homemade costume, that I hope will win a prize. There's even a silly forms contest where you compete in your costume to Halloween music. I may or may not do that, because my costume is a bit cumbersome, but we'll see.

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